Sensor groups
 Group name
Select Absorber
Select Absorber(water)
Select AHU.T3
Select Ambient
Select concentration of LiCl
Select Cooling Coil
Select DP3 and DP4
Select El Energy
Select El Powers Energies
Select EnergyMeters
Select General Power
Select Guido test 1 (LDS el)
Select H2T2
Select L5 test
Select LCA-LCC
Select LDSHX_flow rate
Select locker room
Select Mirek Test1
Select P1 and P2
Select Paolo test - LDS levels
Select Paolo test - LDS Press
Select Paolo test - LDS Temp
Select PU_active_Energy
Select Regenerator(water)
Select Relative Humidities
Select return path
Select return_T_H
Select Set
Select supply path
Select T23
Select Xabier

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